Christmas is coming!

Hello, friends!

Christmas is quickly approaching. I finished up some last minute shopping yesterday. I also caught up with an old friend (Danielle) who I hadn’t seen since high school, and we reminisced on old times and updated each other on where we’re at now in our lives.

Today, my friend Anna came to visit me at home. She’s studying cosmetology, so I gladly let her cut my hair for me (she took off about five inches). Here’s to creating a fresh start in 2015!

Danielle, Anna and I also met up for tea and hot chocolate at a bakery, and we ran into other old friends there as well from high school.

image (1)

Short and sassy hair, works for me!


Last night I started thinking of things I need to pack. Above are some of the items I purchased while at Wallgreens yesterday. I’m hoping to avoid boredom on the plane, along with motion sickness; the latter which tends to affect me the most while travelling, especially on airplanes. I drug my suitcase out of hiding, but I haven’t put anything in it just yet. I still have Christmas presents I need to wrap first.

Tomorrow, my parents and I are going to be visiting my grandparents, in Duluth, swinging by to pick up my boyfriend so he can meet some of the family. My aunt, uncle, cousins, and cousin’s wife should all be there as well. It will be a delight to see them again.

After having many Christmas cookies and hot cocoa in my belly, I believe a cat nap is in order.

See you soon, and happy holidays. May your new year be bright and happy.



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