Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas

My dog, Spike, would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Mother dressed him up for the occasion, as you can see below.


 I’m sure our pug was thinking, “okay, human… feed me the treats now, or I will destroy the presents!”

My parents and I opened gifts late this morning, along with presents from Santa. We lounged in the living room for a period, enjoying each other’s company. This year, everyone’s gifts were practical. My parents gave me items for the apartment, including hot pads, cookie sheets, and baking ingredients (sugar, flour, etc.) for cookies! While I do not cook often, I thoroughly enjoying baking cookies and other sweets about once a month.

This afternoon, I’m planning to make copies of my passport, itinerary, and insurance information in case I should lose this information on my trip. I figure keeping an extra copy or two (for my parents and I) is always important. I’m also going to be looking over my packing list more closely and getting an idea of other tasks I need to do before I leave, along with items that need to be packed. While I need to wash laundry before it can be packed in my suitcase, it helps if I can at least visualize everything that needs to be done or packed ahead of time.

Wishing peace & happiness to you on this day and always.



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