Cinco días/Five days

I have approximately five days until I’m headed to Oaxaca!

Today, I have been working on the mundane task of laundry. I also plan to look read over part of this book on Advanced Spanish my boyfriend gave to me over Christmas. I know the majority of the material already, but it should be a good tool to brush up on my Spanish, since it’s been about a year since I last took a formal Spanish class. Fortunately, I have been studying the language for long enough that I have few troubles remembering words, verb tenses, etc.


While the laundry is in the wash, I’ve been reading over articles from sites, such as wikihow, on ways to pack luggage efficiently. The “roll method” seems to be popular with travelers. It consists of folding clothing length-wise, and rolling them up from the bottom towards the top in order to save space while packing. It is said to minimize wrinkles when done correctly. My brother used the roll method last summer when he spent a month in Germany, and I’m thinking I may utilize this method as well.

What methods do you use when packing? Also, what are some travel tips you may have?

I’ve heard light cotton skirts are good to wear in Oaxaca, and shorts should be avoided if you want to not stand out as an obvious tourist. Other thoughts?



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