Cuatro días/Four days

Four days until Oaxaca. I will soon be transitioning from Wisconsin winter into a balmy 75-80 degrees. There could have been progress made today. However, I instead decided to spend my day with one of my best friends, Lucas, who is like a brother to me. At around noon, he came over and we went out for coffee and cocoa at a coffee shop in town.


The two of us caught up over drink and conversation. Lucas was over very briefly yesterday evening, but we didn’t have the chance to chat until today (another friend was over at the time, and Lucas was running late to an event, so he could only stop by and say hello). Catching up over a hot beverage was a great way to reunite. After sipping our drinks, we headed to his house in the country.

When we were children, we used to be next door neighbors for eight years. Whenever I visit his house, I consider myself to be at home. His sister, Mar, was spread out on the lounge chair when we arrived. She explained to us that she was taking a sick day from work. We joined her in watching Harry Potter on TV. I soon found myself sucked in.

The sun came out for a brief while, gracing us with its presence. It seems the sun has been reclusive as of late. Lucas and I took advantage of it and went for a walk. However, despite the sun, the temps sat in the 20s- cool compared to the unseasonably warm temps in the 40s that we’ve been experiencing lately. We took in the winter scenery; pine trees rustling in the breeze, the sun shining through the woods onto the fresh, glistening snow. There are so many pines in the country, and with the snow, it looks like a Christmas card.

1924384_10152539729617727_7926215649678827348_n 10394056_10152539731782727_5932959030925563980_n 1908488_10152539731947727_8016122549591654610_n

Wisconsin, I’ll miss you at least a little bit while I’m gone.



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