Dos días y tengo que empacar/Two days and I need to pack


I apologize for not posting yesterday, even though I wasn’t all that busy necessarily. My friends Lucas and Ash met up with me for coffee and brunch in town. With the rate I’m going at, I’ll probably gain ten pounds over the holiday season.

Today I have been in a mad scramble to get things ready for my trip to Oaxaca. I withdrew money from the bank for my trip, paid my internet bill, did some laundry, and started packing. The clothing I plan to bring is set aside waiting to be loaded into my suitcase. My books, liquid items, an extra change of clothes, and other personal items are ready to be placed in my carry-on. I have anti-nausea medicine, earplugs, music, crossword puzzles, two books, and a journal to help me pass the time/ease me into my upcoming flights. I also hope to buy my school textbooks either today or tomorrow for next semester, so they can arrive at my apartment in time. I hope to avoid ordering them at the last minute when I return from my trip.


I may not blog again until I’m on a big jet plane, or when I arrive in Mexico! I’m divided 50/50 on whether or not to bring my laptop, (it’s a bit heavy) so I may be blogging from my iPod touch and using internet cafes when I can.

Nos vemos, (see you soon)



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