Oaxaca, Oaxaca

This is a city that doesn’t sleep. At least it seems that way, coming from a small town.


Yesterday morning I would have gotten frost bite in under 30 minutes, and now I can comfortably sit outside in a t-shirt and a skirt.

Celebrating New Years in another country is something else. I had been awake since 3am on December 31st, and I stayed up until 2:00am or so on New Year’s Day. After being in and out of airports all of New Year’s Eve, I was exhausted.

Today, we walked the town, sampled mezcal made by a Zapotec man, and ate dinner with a family from the area who is friends with our trip leader/art teacher from school, Kathy. Unfortunately after our taxi ride back and a suffering a migraine, I couldn’t keep dinner down. I got sick.

I am taking credits while abroad, so I will be writing and creating art projects in a paper medium at some point. This means I will be blogging sporadically and not going into a lot of detail. I often don’t have enough time; everyday our schedule is busy here. Tomorrow, for example, we are heading to a local school to teach.

Nos vemos,



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