Art exhibit

Tomorrow at my university, I will be discussing my trip to Oaxaca. Our travel group set up an art exhibit of the works we created while abroad. There is a mix of 2-D and 3-D works, along with clay sculptures and a collaborative looming piece made by us in Oaxaca. We all took classes while abroad, technically, so we are getting credit for the classes we signed up for. I’m getting 6 art credits just by having spent two weeks living and breathing art in Oaxaca. Pretty neat!


Our trip leader, Kathy, is currently sick, so I will be the one speaking in her place, welcoming everyone to the show,  leading the Q&A, and so forth. I think this will be a nice opportunity to let people here in Wisconsin know about our trip to Mexico. I invited a few of my professors to attend as well.

For my friends: the exhibit is taking place in the 3rd floor gallery of Holden at UWS from noon-1pm.

Until next time,



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