New job & ramblings of a young adult

Hello, followers!

I’m so sorry I haven’t had time to blog. I plan to make ‘wordpressing’ a regular thing once summer is here.

For now, I’m here to just check in and let you know what’s been happening recently.

I interviewed for a barista position with Barnes & Noble earlier this month, and was hired on the spot. I went in on Friday for orientation to learn some of the basics. My training should begin Friday now, fingers crossed (there have been some minor hassles with ID issues).

I will also be working as a writing consultant over the summer, a job I currently hold. However, there will be online consultations, which I will be doing on a rotating basis between two other consultants. In other words, I will only be doing consultations a few days out of each month this summer. I may need to get a third job as well to help pay the bills… and my tuition.

The end of the semester is approaching now; there is less than a month left. I will be scrambling to work on posters, papers and presentations over the next few weeks.

I almost forgot to mention- my brother flew in from Utah on Friday, and I spent a three day weekend with him and my family. My parents and I usually only get to see my brother once or twice a year, so it was great to spend time with him, hiking, seeing waterfalls, visiting friends, drinking coffee, and indulging in sweets.

Today, my dad had his gallbladder removed. He’s been having some health issues lately, but his surgery went well. He’ll be in the hospital overnight, and I plan to return home again tomorrow to check in and to say goodbye to my brother before he goes back to Utah this Friday. Beyond all these things, I’m still paying for car insurance, rent, groceries, and generally appearing to be a successful adult on the outside. I figure I can make my confidence work by “faking it till I make it.”

I’ll be back when the workload dies down a bit.

Hope you are all doing well and staying fairly stress-free.