The semester is finished! Let summer begin!

I completed my second to last semester today. It was a tough one I will admit; there was one class in particular that was very stressful. I am happy to be done for the semester and to have the summer ahead of me. Question is, when will we have summer weather? Wisconsin has been rainy/cloudy and 40-45 degrees for the past few weeks.

While it would be easy enough to waste summer away being lazy, I do have a number of tasks I would like to accomplish this summer. Here are two lists- a “fun list” and a “practical list.”

Fun list:

1. Read any fiction novel by Haruki Murakami that I can get my hands on

2. Create a summer reading list and follow through with it

3. Learn how to use some kind of music mixer program to seamlessly blend one song into the next for a dance playlist

4. Go salsa dancing in the Twin Cities this summer

5. Celebrate Homecoming and spend time with my brother, who is visiting at the end of July

Practical list:

1. Work as much as I possibly can (at Barnes & Noble, and doing online writing consultations for my on-campus job)

a. Squirrel away money to pay my student debt

b. Start setting up a budget and figuring out how much to pay towards loans each month after graduation

2. Apply for the Peace Corps and similar programs

3. Put serious research and thought into what I will do after graduating this December

4. Find a month-to-month rental for the fall – this will need to be done ASAP

5. If my boyfriend goes to grad school right away: learn how to make a long-distance relationship work

What are your plans for the summer?


Senior capstone presentation

Today has been a good day.

To start off with, I was awarded two English scholarships for the fall semester, which is my last semester here. Despite only being here for one more semester, I will still receive the full amount that would ordinarily be given for the full school year!

Then this evening, the English majors who are graduating this year (either this semester or next) gave a brief presentation on our senior capstone posters, which is the product of several papers we have written to create this final project. I analyzed Haruki Murakami’s novel After Dark from a gender studies perspective. The English faculty, along with a few writing and language professors, were in attendance. I am very glad that my parents made the hour and a half drive to watch the presentation, and I introduced them to my English professors and Spanish teacher. My parents also met a few of my classmates. Also, my mother, outgoing as she is, enjoyed meeting with everyone.

Four years of hard work has boiled down to this moment. I’m glad the presentation went well.

I should also mention– I started working as a barista at Barnes & Noble. I will be working weekends, so come visit me in Duluth at the mall!