Northern Wisconsin: a Pink Pangea post

Greetings! I have published my last article to Pink Pangea. As a way to close out my writing, I bring things back home… literally. I touch on food/places to stay/places to see/etc. in my hometown of Washburn, WI, and things to do in Bayfield, WI.


A Woman’s Guide to Staying Safe in Oaxaca, Mexico

Hello! I apologize I haven’t written on my blog this summer like I thought I would. Pink Pangea articles have been keeping me busy, along with my barista/sales job. Below is my most recent article:

I expect to be writing more this fall and keeping you updated as I venture through my final semester of college. Adventures await!

Living the Pura Vida

Hi, folks! I’ve been busy preparing to move out of my apartment. My lease is up at the end of the month. Also, my brother is coming back to town tonight. I’m picking him up, and we’ll be heading home for a week. In the meantime, check out my most recent travel writing article on how to incorporate the “pura vida” of Costa Rica into your daily life.

My first article has been published! (Pink Pangea)

Hi, friends!

Please check out my first article, “Travel Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person,” which has been published on Pink Pangea’s website. I’m very excited to share this article with you, as this is my first time having a piece of writing published online. Aside from this, I’ve only ever been published in my uni’s literary journal.

Here’s the link:

Share the article with fellow travelers, HSPs, and friends! Thanks for the support!

All the best,


Pink Pangea: writing opportunity

I have exciting news to share with you!

I applied to be a Feature Writer for Pink Pangea, a website that discusses the travel adventures of women from around the globe. I received an email that I have been accepted for this position. This will entail writing five travel writing type pieces over the next few months about my own travel experiences (to Mexico and Costa Rica). I am formulating ideas for topics as we speak.

As the articles become published, I will be sure to include a link so you can see what I’ve written! 🙂

For now, I suggest you check out some of the great articles that Pink Pangea has to offer. Their website is: