Luna llena / full moon


Luna llena

Traer claridad al mundo turbulento.

Protegernos y lléname con fuerza

Para luchar las próximas batallas.


Full moon

Bring clarity to a troubled world.

Protect us and fill me with strength

To fight the upcoming battles.

I am too tired to write more. I may flesh this into more of a poem later. It’s just a start for now.

This election has me thinking about the state of the world, and especially the state of the US. I am worried about my friends of color, my LGBTQ+ friends, and other minority groups. On a personal level, I am worried I will not have access to insurance and won’t have access to birth control and other services offered by women’s health care clinics. But there is so much at stake right now. I have been crying and angry and filled with anxiety; I’ve been depressed and ready to fight and everything in between.

I may write more later. For now, I need sleep. I haven’t been getting enough rest this past week.

Stay safe.